Niulife Coconut Endurance MCT Plus

Extended performance - Twice as long as pure MCT, over 6 hours Balance nutrients Wide variety of healthy fats providing all the essential fatty acids in a perfectly balanced omega 3/6/9 ratio Reliable sourceBlend in Australia using reliable food sources  IngredientsMCT oil (Steamed distilled from coconut), WILD virgin coconut oil*, Chia oil, Flax oil*, Certified Sustainable Colombian Palm fruit oil*, Camelina oil (*denotes organic ingredient) 提升精神和身體能量比純MCT 提升能量時間多2倍,提供更持續的能量高達6小時 均衡營養提供全面平衡的奧米加3/6/9比例的所有必需脂肪酸。 可靠來源澳洲製造,成分來源可靠 成分安全來自椰子的MCT油、WILD有機冷壓初榨椰子油、奇亞籽油、有機亞麻籽油、認證可持續的哥倫比亞棕櫚果油和有機亞麻薺籽油,是從大自然提取成分的高性能配方。

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