Niulife Coconut Vinegar 250ml Niulife 有機椰子醋 250ml

Niulife Coconut Vinegar 250ml Niulife 有機椰子醋 250ml

Coconut Vinegar is a true product of nature – completely raw and fermented naturally. One teaspoon of Coconut Vinegar with a glass of water every morning is the best way to ensure easy digestion. Alternatively, try with ice cold sparkling water for a truly refreshing pick-me-up. Coconut Vinegar adds a fresh zing to salads and marinades, as well as pairing perfectly with any seafood.

Our vinegar is handmade in small batches from natural Coconut Blossom Nectar. To preserve the coconut’s natural enzymes, it is kept completely raw and naturally aged for up to 1 year in order to retain it’s nutrient-rich properties.





由椰子花泌出的汁液,不加熱,自然發酵長達1年 。無防腐添加劑。



加入沙律、醃製食物或沾汁。 美味可口、不帶椰味。