Our 60-Hour Slow-cooked Pork Bone Broth 400ml/ 六十小時慢餚豬骨湯(400毫升)

“Nature’s Multivitamins & Minerals”
Our 60-Hour Slow-cooked Bone Broth
Backed by Science, Loved by your Body

#Keto-friendly #Low Carb #High Fat #Paleo-friendly

✔️Contains 19 Amino Acids
✔️Rich in Minerals and Electrolytes
✔️Excellent source of Collagen & Gelatin
✔️Made from Real Foods
✔️Good Fats
✔️Quality Protein
✔️Lots of Love
✔️Amazing Flavors

❌No Sugar
❌No Added Trans Fat
❌No Hydrogenated Oils
❌No GMOs
❌No Gluten
❌No Preservatives

Drink Bone Broth to
- Prevent Bone Loss
- Protect the Joints
- Do good for the Gut
- Maintain Healthy Youthful Skin
- Support Immune System
- Boost Detoxification
- Reduce Inflammation
- Improve Brain Function
- Help with food allergies and sensitivities

400ml contained within a vacuum sealed bag ready for reheating. Keep refrigerated (0-4). Reheat before consuming. Finish within 3 days.


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