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PVC Coffee Enema Kit with Organic Coffee & Oxygenated Magnesium 咖啡灌腸套裝連有機灌腸咖啡及帶氧

PVC Coffee Enema Kit includes

- 1 PVC Coffee Enema Bucket 咖啡液的灌腸桶

- 1 Main Tube 主導管

- 3 Disposable Tubes 軟身的肛管

- 125 grams of Organic Light/Dark Roast Enema Coffee (Please specify)  淺度或深度焙烘灌腸咖啡 (請指定)

- 5 days supply of Oxygenated Magnesium 五日的帶氧鎂

- 1 PVC Measuring Jug 一公升量杯

- 1 Cotton Sieve 過濾咖啡液的濾篩

- 1 Measuring Spoon 量匙

  • Instructions for use

    1. Clean and disinfect all containers and accessories

    2. Connect one end of the main tube to the enema bucket and connect the other end of the main tube to the disposable tube

    3. Close the flow control clamp

    4. Pour prepared coffee liquid (about body temperature) into enema bucket. Make sure the coffee liquid is cooled down to or lower than the body temperature

    5. For lubrication,  apply coconut oil, olive oil or vaseline for about 6-8cm from the end of the disposable tube.

    6. Open the flow clamp and let the coffee run out to the end of the disposable tube and close the flow clamp

    7. Slowly and carefully insert the disposable tube into the body

    8. After inserting the disposable tube, open the flow clamp and begin the coffee enema process


  • 使用說明

    1. 清潔及消毒所有容器及配件

    2. 將灌腸主導管與桶連接,而主導管的另一邊則接上軟軟的肛管

    3. 關閉流量控制夾

    4. 注入適量(大約體温的)咖啡液在桶內,請注意液體温度

    5. 在肛管尾6-8厘米長的範圍塗上椰子油、橄欖油或凡士林作潤滑


    7. 慢慢把肛管插入體內

    8. 插入肛管後,打開流量夾便開始灌腸